Kyrgyzstan Paragliding Tour 2018

Kyrgyzstan, an undiscovered paradise for adventurous paragliders! An untouched country with broad plains and high mountains invites discovery.

Only 1% of the country is forested, which guarantees practically unlimited start and landing spots. Thermal updrafts to over 5000 meters are not rare.

A mixture of flying safaris for the experienced and adventurous pilot as well as special cultural experiences are programmed in this trip.


Dates: 16. - 30. June 2018

Participants: min. 6 - max. 12

Costs: 2.290.00 €

Services and Trip Information:


1. Dates/ Costs

Date: 16. - 30. June 2018

Costs: 2.290.00 €

Participants: min. 6 - max. 12


Trip reservation? Send us an email to and secure your spot.

2. Services:

The following services are included in the trip costs:

All overnight stays including breakfast and dinner

All transfers in Kyrgyzstan necessary for the trip (rental vehicles including driver)

Trip guides

Guided tours into the flying areas

All transportation to the starting points

Accompanied flight with a DHV flight instructor

Accompanied flight with a Kyrgyzstan guide and flight instructor

Optional offers of alternative programs in case of bad weather

Help with arranging flights to Bishkek if desired

Guaranteed maximum number of participants of 12 pilots


Not included in the costs:

Flights to and from Bishkek (cost with Turkish Airlines about 400.00 € including 30 kg free luggage)

Cost for overweight and sport equipment

Meals on location (other than breakfast and dinner)

Trip insurance in case of cancellation or interruption

Foreign travel health insurance with return transportation coverage

Baggage insurance

Foreign travel health insurance with return transportation coverage is mandatory. We highly recommend trip insurance in case of cancellation or interruption.


3. Trip Itinerary

We have multiple locations in Kyrgyzstan that we can visit for the trip. In perfect weather we can travel to the locations described below. In practice we talk to the local Kyrgyzstan guide on a daily basis and decide accordingly about the best locations to visit. We are flexible on the spot with the overnight stays to maximize the flight adventures and cultural experiences. There is a possibility that only 3 – 4 out of the 5 previously listed locations are visited because of weather conditions.


4. Additional Trip Information


Requirements for flying participants: unlimited flying certificate or a B-certificate, respectively.
The trip is geared towards experienced pilots with good flying skills and a healthy risk assessment capability. Many of the flight locations are not challenging but with each incident there is only the Kyrgyzstan rescue capabilities...


We adjust the accommodations to the trip route. Our preference is to use rooms with double occupancy but sometimes there are only rooms with multiple beds available in the flight locations.

Passport and Visa requirements

For German citizens there are no visa requirements. The passport must be valid for at least another 6 months.



The climate in Kyrgyzstan is shaped by dry, hot continental summers and cold winters. The daily temperature differences are substantial.

In the southern part of the country temperatures of 45 °C have been measured in the summer whereas in the winter the temperatures can fall to -18 °C.

During our stay we expect temperatures between springtime and mid-summer depending on the weather. At a flying altitude of 5500 meters the temperature is always cold regardless of how strong the sun shines ;-).


Trip Clothing

Appropriate clothing is recommended and definitely think of warm flight clothing.


Health Precautions or Recommendations

No special immunizations needed.



It is mandatory to have a foreign health insurance and a return transportation insurance. We recommend an insurance package that also includes cancellation, trip interruption and baggage coverage.


Payment/ Currency

Visa card and MasterCard (Eurocard) work well especially in the capital to get cash but you do need the credit card PIN. EC (Maestro) cards do not work. We recommend that you have some cash in Euro or US dollars which can be exchanged in the capital without any problems.

Currency: Som
Daily Exchange Rate


Practical Information

Please copy important papers so that replacements can be faster and more easily obtained. Please pay attention to the equipment list that will be sent to you together with the trip documents! Do not forget helmet, paragliding certification, insurance papers, drivers license and blood type certificate.

The plane ticket includes the current free baggage limits of the airline. For example, with Turkish Airlines the number of bags is unlimited, with a total of 30kg and one carry on bag per person.

Overweight or excessive baggage such as sports equipment is not included in the trip costs. Current information is available on the airlines' homepage.


Trip Contract

Please see our AGB!

We look forward to having you on board!